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Vintage Raleigh Sprite10 – now a Sprint 5

Vintage Raleigh Sprite10 – now a Sprint 5

This is the Raleigh Bicycle Company Heron Head badge – a classic fixture for the Raleigh Bicycles. Raleigh has built classic after classic in their tenure as a bicycle company from the late 1800’s. The Sprite 10 was a common touring model that was updated for many years.

This Raleigh Bicycle is a Sprite 10 that was dug up along the side of a garage in Gunnison Colorado. We peg it as a mid ’70’s build though it is not an English build–made in Taiwan.

Raleigh Suntour DerailleurThe Sprite 10 hosted Raleigh named Suntour Derailleurs. We kept the rear gears on this ride and it now sports five in the back. The wheels are not original Sprite wheels. We pulled a pair of wheels off a 1971 Peugot and replaced the original wheels from the Raleigh due to rust.

Deore Thumb ShifterThis Deore Thumbshifter pulls the chain along the Raleigh’s gears. We added the bent bars to this ride to give it a bit of a drop though not too extreme for the rider. It is a comfortable position for most people 5′ 8″ or taller. The thumb shifter is smooth.

Vintage Raleigh Sprite 10

This bike is ready to roll. One chainring up front, five in the rear, and lightened up with no extra frivolous equipment. Check out the cockpit view.

Raleigh Cockpit
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