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Reactive Adaptations is steaming up creativity and removing limitations.

The illusion is gone. Possibilities are now endless–we can make anything for anyone in this shop. There is so much imagination coming out of this company, its staggering.

Jake OConnor in Reactive Adaptations ShopsAs a teenager, Jake O’Connor was into rock climbing and motorcycling more so than riding bikes. His pursuits have always been closer to the edge than in the ‘everyday’ stream of things.

Growing up, a Giant Rincon was his transportation to his ‘other’ pursuits.

An accident brought him into a wheelchair and thats when he began gaining more time in the saddle. He began with road riding and racing as his physical outlet and challenge. Not too long into his cycling career did he get introduced to a “One-Off” — a specialized off-road handcycle that opened up the possibilities for exploring dirt trails.

Jake began off road handcycling over nine years ago, fell in love with it, and has never looked back–except when he checks to see if those he rides with are still coming along alright.

Jake has been interested in putting things together most of his life. Whether its a technical rock climb, wrenching on motorcycles and pedal bikes, or managing construction, Jake has exercised his creative mind to put just about anything together. Naturally then, he got into metal fabrication and fiberglass molding and Reactive Adaptations was born.

Reactive Adaptations shop is a birthing center for killer bikes and great ideas. When you walk into the shop you notice an air of what is possible. And any limitations are non existent.

Jake talks about his vision for future projects and bikes. In his shop are Bombers and Nukes–some in boxes, others are poised on work stands ready to take off and roll fast–exactly what they are made for. Jake will sell more than two dozen of his rides this year to hand cyclists from all over the world. And he is adamant about the fact that he can put together anything to meet people’s needs.

I don’t think people with Multiple Sclerosis or Cerebral Palsy realize they CAN ride a bike. And they can ride a really killer bike!

Jake's Race TownieJake certainly has some creative projects going on. His ‘fat-tire’ Bomber is out of this world (see video). He speaks of molding fiberglass to fit any body style or position and he has some things in the works for very specialized people.

Jake has created specialized brake levers for quadriplegic bicyclists and more ideas being born inside his head every moment of the day.

Here is Jake showing off his ‘Race Townie’ as he navigates a nearby hillside. He can access rivers to fish, beaches to soak, and trails. In fact, in Gunnison County, wide single track is being developed with Jake’s bikes in mind–two wheeled riders love the fatter trails too! Even before these trails are created Jake will share humbly that he has already ridden most of Crested Butte’s and Gunnison’s trails as they are–not always an easy feat even on two wheeled bikes.

Jake’s philosophy is the KISS model. “You gotta keep it simple. I can design anything in CAD, though when you put it into real-life, only the simple works.”

Reactive Adaptations is an almost three year old company that has already reached the globe. Jake’s bikes are all over the world and they are only multiplying. If you have a specific need or desire in a bike, ski, grip, or anything related to you getting out there in the world, contact Jake and talk it over. Our bet is Jake can mold it to your exact body style and needs and have you accessing new possibilities you thought were unreachable.

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Race Townie Biclcyes


  1. Craig Stein  November 14, 2013

    Jake is an incredible rider and bike designer. I have had the pleasure of filming him in the past. Check out Jake in “Off The Hook”


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