From our garage to yours...

The next Race Townie in development is another M2 Frame. Ready to ride fast?

What do you have hanging under your porch?

This sweet ride came from a friend who mentioned he had this thing given to him and it was hanging under his porch. What a classic! These M2 Stumpjumbers make incredible race townies.

Stay tuned as we update our blog feed with the evolution of this machine.

We will be stripping this thing down to its bare frame. The toughest part will be determining which color to paint this thing. What do you think? Then we add logos and build up the ride.

We will swap out the shifters for something with a bit of class–an XT thumb shifter would compliment this ride well. And we keep going from there.

If this is something you need–send us a message or bid on this thing now. There really are no rules so we sell when the right buyer comes along :-)

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