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Davis Phinney – A Race Townie and Inspiration.

We recently learned about Davis Phinney and his pursuits of today. The former Olympian continues to inspire us and we hope to get him profiled on Race Townie as soon as he returns from travels overseas.

Take special note of his track stand at about 1:30 in this video–we understand this is a Carbon BMC and we will call it a Race Townie. We are interested in learning more about this bicycle, Davis, and his visions for the future.

Join Davis and the Davis Phinney Foundation and learn more about Davis here. Davis is experiencing Parkinson’s though it seems to NOT be slowing him down in anyway.

His son Taylor is right along with him for the ride. The passion and love this family brings to the world seems to be effecting the world–in a great way.

Thanks Davis for living your life with amazing heart and strength. You are ‘all business.’

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