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Fork Problems with a Carbon Fiber Legged Judy

Stretched Out!

Stretched Out!

This is a classic fork–the carbon fiber Judy. Back in 1995, this was the top of the line suspension. Did you ever have one of these?

I placed pvc within the chambers of this and now it is solid–no suspension. Today, the fork’s legs extend beyond what is comfortable. The bolts holding the legs on the stanchions are gone! Who knows where they are.

I placed new bolts in with some serious locktite to keep this from happening again. Without the elastomers and parts inside this fork, it is nearly impossible to get a tight lock down on these bolts–they sit at the very bottom of the fork. So, we will see how it goes.

Without my computer wire on this thing I could have easily lost my fork legs (and wheel) while hucking a curb. Ouch!

BTW–who rides with a computer wire anymore?

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