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All Business talks Bridges of the Butte.

All Business talks Bridges of the Butte.

Race Townie Catches up to ‘All Business.’

‘All Business’ is a bit more than one goof-ball of a man on a bicycle. He inspires because he is inspired. He rides for the fun of it–and he would rather be on a bicycle rather than walking or driving. What makes ‘All Business’ sit in for 230+ miles within a 24-hour period? That’s right! ‘All Business’ pedals at the Bridges of the Butte 24-hour Townie Tour event. Last year he rode 112 laps (@ 2.2 miles per lap = 246.4 miles!!!) solo.

It is not about the ride, the person, the bike, nor the reason–it’s all about lifestyle.

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Race Townie caught up with All Business and had the opportunity to ask some questions. Here is the interview:

RT: All Business, you seem to have an endless supply of mojo while on your bike riding in Bridges of the Butte’s 24-hour Townie Tour. What gives? What is your secret?

AB: There are no secrets. For that event specifically, there are many more amazing people that are served by the Adaptive Sports Center [of Crested Butte, Colorado]. They inspire me and if I can simply ride my bike in service of them–of that “go getter, do anything, the possibilities for me are endless, kind of energy”–then that is easy. I have the easy job.

RT: Tell us what you stand for.

AB: I stand for everything that is excellence. Smiling is key–ya’ gotta be having a blast in life and pursuing only the best every moment of the day. We can only do this if we are awake to the beauty and the love–we do this by simply feeling. Feel what we feel and own it.

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RT: On a lighter note, when did you fall in love with riding?

AB: (laughter) There is no love of riding really. It is truly a part of who I am. Much like I walk, I ride a bike. I love every experience I have in life and honestly, it seems to be more fun if it’s on a bicycle. And by the way, give me a fast bicycle–it makes me giggle more.

RT: You are gearing up for Bridges again this year. Anything new?

All Business BikeAB: Yes, my race townie is being decked out a bit more this year. I will not divulge everything though I think the hanging scorpion is really going to bring something extra to the table. I do have plans to light this thing up a night and no one will miss me. I also have been training–last year I did none of that outside of boxing. This year I have been on bicycles much more–everyday is a training day. My eyes are set on 120 laps.

RT: Whoa. 120 laps? Why?

AB: I have no idea. Why is it when we go out for a run we sometimes go beyond our initial goal? Why do we pursue more and more money or consumption? When to trees grow taller each year? I think it is normal to expand and allow it. I feel this desire–whether I get it or not is not really the point. It’s the journey. Without the 120 mark, I might get bored. Getting some pledges will make this goal highly attractive and doable.

RT: Got it. So we need to gather up some pledges then. How does this happen?

AB: I am collecting pledges of any amount. I like the ‘per lap’ pledge as this places the responsibility on me. I thrive on this. People can pledge me, which goes on to support the Adaptive Sports Center, by checking out this link here. A quarter a lap, a dollar or more–just keep in mind I will probably ride 100 or more laps–shooting for 120!

If I could make Adaptive a $100 every lap–now that would be something incredible. Are you in?

Pledge All Business in Bridges of the Butte

RT: Yes, Race Townie has got a pledge for you. Anything else to share with our readers?

AB: Play with me and let’s ride together. In spirit if nothing more. When the wind hits your face, feel it throughout your body. Love the inhales and exhales and watch the space move by you. When you do this, you know we are riding together. Remember, it is not about the bicycle or the rider. It is about the spirit. Nothing can stop you with the right spirit in your heart.

RT: Thanks All Business. Best of luck in your 24-hour Tour Ride and know we got your back!
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