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Race Townie Bicycles are beautiful to look at. Visit our growing gallery of unique rides and collections to ooh and ahh over.

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The 9th Annual Bridges of the Butte 24 Hour Townie Tour is rolling

The 9th Annual Bridges of the Butte 24 Hour Townie Tour (B.O.B.) was a major success! On June 29th at 3:00pm, 300 riders began an all-night tour navigating a course through Crested Butte Colorado. It is an event that raised over $40,000 for the Adaptive Sports Center’s Scholarship Fund….read about All Business’s recap from the saddle.

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At our Townie Bicycle Blog we highlight amazing people and there race townies, such as, Dave Wiens, a mountain bike hall of famer, trail advocate and all-around great guy.

We also highlight townie bike events, townie bike maintenance, townie bike must-haves, how-to’s, and more. Check out the growing library of resources and entertainment we build for you.

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This thing is SO solid and fast!–Gunnison client of Race Townie Shop

My mom tells me a story of when I was three and I rode 5 blocks to a park on my own. She and my dad had no idea where I went. I was on my tricycle.–Dave Wiens, Gunnison Trail, Mountain Bike Hall-of-Fame Member

It is not about the ride, the person, the bike, nor the reason–it’s all about lifestyle.–All Business